The dark side of the decent

I tried to avoid all this but I can't


Everyone has a dark side. Even people who are expected to act decent on a daily basis. With this painting I've tried to show the dark side behind the decent mask.

In this case..Even a queen is only human.

# H.M.Q.M          First one of a new serie     100 x 150 cm     Acrylic on canvas

Dutch Portraits

A salute to the old Dutch masters


Born out of fascination for the Dutch masters and their way of portraying in the 17th century. I've turned that fascination into a homage, re-introducing the old portrait style to our era.

80 x 120 cm and 45 x 55 cm formats     Acrylic on canvas

Abstract Expressionism

Period One


My state of being expresses itself in form and style. Own the moment! Man, how I love to work intuitive.

Various formats     Acrylic on canvas

Abstract Expressionism

Period Two


Various formats     Acrylic on canvas

Abstract Expressionism

Period Three


Various formats     Acrylic on canvas

A touch of Cobra


The creative adult is the child who survived!


Various formats     Acrylic on canvas



Nudity symbolizes everything from innocence and vulnerability to love and lust.


Various formats     Acrylic on canvas



Communicating through line, shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks.


Various formats     Acrylic on canvas

Oh Deer


A gentle way of creating with wood.


Various formats       wood, chain, rope



Stay sharp - discover new routes in between style periods, and look at the outcome!


Various formats       Acrylic on canvas